chuangyun's Industry Solutions

8 years of industry service experience
5,000 + customers chose us

Keen industry vision

China's first developed "App Store Solution" "Game Operations Solutions" and "Game Release Solution" ,It was well received by the industry

Quality service

Our pursuit of excellent product quality and perfect user experience in technology and services, to create super expected product experience creative and practical products designed to provide customers better and more stable, simple and convenient, safe, and solutions

Strong independent product R & D strength

With a dedicated, professional, experienced team, the core team member with more than 6 years of experience in the internet.

Has a strong product development and market development ability, independent intellectual property rights had more than 10 Internet relatedproducts!

Comprehensive industry chain service

Technical support: relying on our R & D strengthto develope products that meet your needs and development.

Operational guidance: to assist you in product operations, the rapid deve lopment of enterprises, so you walk in the forefront of the industry competitors.

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